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Bollywood dancing is a big hit at every Indian function or Bollywood themed event! Allow us to entertain your guests with a vibey Bollywood medley with the latest hits straight out of Bollywood.


Being the first to market, let us intrigue your guests as we aim to create a visual display unlike anything you’ve seen before as dancers perform choreographed dances and illusions on a darkened stage.


Welcome, you have just entered a flash mob! A completely unexpected yet thoroughly planned surprise, a flashmob spreads with infectious energy, bringing smiles and laughter to everyone in its vicinity.


Bharatanatyam is classical/traditional dancing where dancers are adorned with traditional outfits, heavy jewellery and bold make-up. This can be performed with the typical carnatic music or something modern.


Let us perform a Bollywood item for you but by the end you will find your guests clapping their hands and tapping their feet… so this is where we pause and teach them some basic steps to an upbeat number.


It is your once in a lifetime function and you need it to be memorable! Tell us exactly what you want from song selection to attire to fit a specific theme and we will turn your ordinary event into an extraordinary one!

What makes us, us  
DesiMotion is a proudly South African dance academy that shares a passion for Bollywood, Hip Hop, Fusion amongst many other styles and we wish to pass this energy onto our audiences. DesiMotion is owned and run by former Miss India SA who represented South Africa internationally. As a Bharatanatyam graduate with a flair for Bollywood, international experience and numerous interactions with the media, DesiMotion was born when she combined her passion for dance and the yearning for extending talent. DesiMotion offers dance classes for all ages in the Alberton region and the performance team is available as entertainment for any event. We love fusing various styles along with quick outfit changes and interesting props to bring you a WOW performance. It is DesiMotion’s honour and privilege to be part of such a magnificent event


Shivani Govender

Dance has been part of my being since as early as my memory goes. From the time I could walk, I was that cute kid shaking her booty in the circle at the family function. At age 6, I started my formal training in Bharatanatyam under Tribangi Dance Academy and Priya Naidoo. My guru taught me how my body can create poetry without uttering a word and so my love for classical developed whereby I graduated in 2012. In parallel, I watched Bollywood movies and imitated many dances from there to give me flare for the modern form. My love for Bollywood and fusion allowed me to break free from the rigidness of Bharatanatyam. Finally, during my schooling years, I attended modern, hip-hop and contemporary classes whereby I competed and excelled in eisteddfods and underwent examinations.

Dance has shaped my personality to a great extent, my confidence to face the world, my courage to try new things, the ability to express myself, affinity towards freedom, to accept failure, to perfect skill but most of all to be myself without being apologetic about it! Dance is my hobby. Dance is my passion. Dance is my escape. Dance brings me joy. Dance allowed me to create so many relationships. & finally Dance is what my late Dad was very proud of and supported immensely. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to do the thing I love so much.

I was fortunate to have had exposure on television such as Takalani sesame at the mere age of 10, followed by performing on Isidingo for Rajesh’s wedding and even continuously appearing on Eastern Mosaic through participation in Diwali shows and eisteddfods. Additionally, I was featured in many newspapers for my continuous performances at various events. I continued to perform for weddings, charity events and shows, however performing for the South African National Legislature was my most prestigious performance thus far.

My creativity was tested during the Miss India South Africa Pageant where I won Top Talent during the regional round. My talent compromised of a piece that fused Indian and African as well as Bollywood and Bharatanatyam. I was proudly able to represent my beautiful country internationally at the Miss India Worldwide Pageant where I showed off my talent of dance and made it into the Top 3. I don’t regard myself as an ordinary dancer as I enjoy adding props and various other illusions to entice the audience and excite the dancer.

Therefore I regard myself as young, dynamic, passionate and professional dancer who decided to open up my own dance school in 2015 to share my passion and talent with others. I pride myself on making classes fun, accessible, and challenging. I commit to the long-term development of my students. My students will share testament to the fact that I try to give every dancer as much exposure as possible so one day they too can tell a story similar to mine. DesiMotion has been honoured to partake in numerous Diwali Shows since inception, we have been performed on the Lyric Theatre Stage at Gold Reef City for various productions and we have had the opportunity to entertain many audiences at weddings, parties and corporate events thus far.

We look forward to welcoming you into our DesiMotion Family or adding that WOW factor to your event!


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